Pricing Packages

Weekly & Bi-Weekly

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

One Time Scoop Service

1 Dog

$60 + Tax

2 Dogs

$75+ Tax

3 Dogs

$90 + Tax

4 Dogs

$120 + Tax

Service Policies (Please Read)

When our techs arrive on the day of service and the gate is locked we will attempt to call & text the customers to figure out a resolution.  We offer 2 options as followed:

  1. If a customer askes us to return later in the day we would be happy to do that if we are still in the area.  A small $8 return service fee would be added on that days service if we are able to return. 
  2. However, if we cannot reach someone to access the yard on the scheduled service day, the customer will still be charged for that scheduled service, and we will pull double duty on your next visit.

 Please Note: We Offer combination Locks FREE of Charge to our customers during the duration of their service with us.  This can help with locked gate issues arising in the future of our service relationship.

We love Dogs just as much as the next person and do not mind our furry friends roaming the yard while we scoop. However, If we cannot enter your yard due to an aggressive/protective dog we unfortunately cannot perform service on that day.  

We will attempt to reach out to the customer on taking the dog in the house or restraining them until our daily service is complete. 

 If we cannot get in contact with the customer we will still charge for that days service and we will just perform double duty on their next scheduled service day.

Please Note: A Reminder Email will be sent the night before the customers’ service day to be prepared for these situations before our Technicians arrival the following day.

If you would like to skip your regular service day for any reason, please notify us at least 24 hours in advanced to be removed from the schedule that day and NOT be Charged.

When the weather gets too bad for us to service the customers yard fluidly and efficiently we may reschedule your service day (for that week only) to the following day(s) for better weather.  Your next scheduled service day will continue on your regular scheduled day.